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Here are some comments from Susanne Peach's past workshop participants:


"This material was presented in an easy to understand manner, thanks to  your entertaining and engaging personality.  I've taken many, many workshops, and you are an absolute top-notch instructor who should be teaching others how to teach.  Your understanding of EFT along with years of examples to share with us truly made this an exceptional workshop.  Thanks for keeping our attention in a fun and yet, professional manner."   ~Kevin R., Denver, Colorado 

"Great job.  Useful examples and group exercises."

"You are so caring and supportive.  It makes your workshops very safe.  I also appreciate your intuition--you always seem to zero in on the right thing for the situation."

"You really cared about your students and are very excited about EFT.  For me, it was the first time I was able to stay focused for most of the workshop.  Left feeling happy and I actually understood what you were teaching, so THANK YOU.  I learned alot."

"Great class--very useful.  Learned so much."

"Came in with no expectations and it opened my eyes.  Super!"

"Great seminar!  I enjoyed it immensely.  Thanks!"

"Thank you so much for all the info you presented--and that much of it seemed to be tailored to me!"

"Susanne--Thank You for offering this class  It was outstanding and inspiring."

"Able to explain key concepts efficiently and clearly.  You really packed in a huge amount of info--I appreciated all of the resources & links to resources."

"I had a pretty strong addiction to sugar. It was nothing to eat candy bars 5-6 days a week. If I didn’t have candy with me, I would make a special trip just to buy it. Then I attended an EFT workshop taught by Susanne. I volunteered to have her tap on me for my sugar addiction. That was on April 14. Today is May 22. I haven’t bought any candy since! I have eaten it when it has been offered, but only 2 times since April 14. The cravings are gone. EFT and Susanne are amazing. I haven’t even had to tap on this issue again. Thank you, Susanne. I am a believer in EFT. (And it works even if you don’t believe!) "                                ~Ellen H., Denver www.sourceofenlightenment.com


If you are interested in an EFT Workshop in your area, contact Susanne directly at SusanneEFT@gmail.com.


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