"I find Susanne to be an accomplished, caring and compassionate practitioner, with a wonderful ability to truly tune in."                    

                 ~Sophia Cayer, EFT Master


“The results of Susanne’s EFT work with me have been impressive. Whether physical, emotional or habitual, each issue we have worked on has either resolved itself or changed substantially. EFT is a powerful technique with the potential to create changes in every aspect of our lives and. Susanne is an enthusiastic, heartfelt and competent practitioner. I highly recommend this dynamic duo.”

                                                        ~Kaelin Kelly


“EFT is amazing! In just a few minutes, the headache that had been nagging at me for days, slowly eased in severity lowering from a 5 to a 2! And the next morning, it was completely gone  and hasn't been heard from since! I continue to tap whenever I have a hint of pain, and as if by magic, the pain recedes to the point that I forget about it.  Energy work is astounding!"              ~Lori, Lafayette, CO


“Susanne taught me how to use EFT with my 5-year-old son who suffers from intense seasonal allergies.  Once Spring hits in Boulder, my son struggles with chronic congestion, wheezing, and shortness of breath.  After nearly 3 weeks of my son being congested this year, I met with Susanne and we worked on him using EFT.  By the end of our tapping session which lasted perhaps 20 minutes, my son was absolutely and completely free of congestion — no coughing, no wheezing, no sniffles.  I was stunned!  My son was elated, saying, “Listen to this, Mom!” as he took a free and very deep breath of air into his lungs.  If I hadn’t seen it myself, I never would have believed it!  Susanne is a knowledgeable and skilled EFT practitioner whose enthusiasm and love of this work is contagious.”

                                                                                                               ~Linda,   Boulder, CO


“I had been fighting a virus and to appease my husband who was going on a trip out of the country went to the doctor and confirmed that while I did not have strep I did have laryngitis.  This was presenting a major problem as I had committed to helping evaluate teams for the Delta Pet Partner Program and needed to be able to give instructions for 8-9 hours.

That same evening while trying to prepare volunteers to help and hoping one volunteer could learn it well enough to do most of the talking I had the opportunity to allow Susanne Peach to do some EFT work on me just before leaving for the evening.

The next morning I woke up with not doubts that my voice would carry me through the day and it never even so much as squeaked.  I felt terrific and it made my day so much less stressful which helped impact the teams I was evaluating as well.

Thanks Susanne!"


                   ~Lisa Sadar, Team Evaluator, Larimer Animal-People Partnership



"I am writing to explain what happened with my first exposure to EFT.  I was enrolled in a muscle-testing class and had been practicing muscle testing with other students in the class. 


This particular evening, I arrived at class in a very stressed-out state.  I had received some information regarding a financial decision my ex-husband had made without telling me.  The decision would affect me adversely, as other decisions he had made in the past.  This new information acted as a catalyst to bring back all the anger and hatred and negative emotions that I had tried to overcome.  As the class started we began practicing on each other.  It was not possible for me to be muscle tested.  Apparently, I was so distraught that my emotions would not allow my body to react properly. 


Susanne approached me and asked me if I would like to try EFT and see if it would relieve the anger and intense emotions I was experiencing.  The first time we went through the tapping procedure, the intensity of the emotions lowered drastically.  I could still feel some anger, so we went through the procedure again.  This time, the intensity of the anger lowered even more.  I can’t remember the exact numbers, but it seemed like it went from a nine or ten to a two.  Intellectually, I still recognized what he did to me and I did not like it.  However, there was no emotion attached to it.  I felt calm and peaceful.  I was able to continue with the class and be muscle tested normally."


                                                                                                                                  ~Patti,    Longmont, CO



Workshop Testimonial



"What a most fabulous hour--a great presentation of EFT.  I just want to thank you so much for such an incredibly organized and right-to-the-point meeting today.  How refreshing!!!  You're my kind of teacher." 


                                                                    ~a fellow instructor, Mary S.



"I had a pretty strong addiction to sugar. It was nothing to eat candy bars 5-6 days a week. If I didn’t have candy with me, I would make a special trip just to buy it. Then I attended an EFT workshop taught by Susanne. I volunteered to have her tap on me for my sugar addiction. That was on April 14. Today is May 22. I haven’t bought any candy since! I have eaten it when it has been offered, but only 2 times since April 14. The cravings are gone. EFT and Susanne are amazing. I haven’t even had to tap on this issue again. Thank you, Susanne. I am a believer in EFT. (And it works even if you don’t believe!) "
                                        ~Ellen H.   Denver






Animal EFT Testimonials and Stories


"Recently I was at an event with my therapy dog.  I was rushing and while turning the corner (too quickly) my 14 year old dog took a spill and I stepped on his back leg.  He got up and would not put any weight on his hind leg.  Needless to say I felt terrible that I had done this to him and wondered what damage I may have done.  This all took place and about 45 minutes before I was ready to go in to the room to be re evaluated and knew that might not happen. However, my first concern was about my dog.  Susanne immediately came over and asked if I wanted her to tap on him.  I gladly accepted that offer as Susanne had done tapping on me and I knew the results that it could bring.  Susanne began tapping and during the first minute his hind leg slowly un-stiffened and came down to the ground.  He was walking with full weight and without a limp within 5 minutes after she tapped on him.  It was a blessing that she was there and we proceeded to pass with flying colors and I know it was in no small part due to Susanne’s tapping technique and allowing him to release the pain."   

                                                 ~B.W.  Lafayette, CO



My pomeranian and I had a tapping session with Susanne by telephone after which we noticed definite improvements in her usual aggressive personality.  She was calmer and barked much less.
My husband, who had been suffering depression for some time, decided to try EFT for himself and found a local practitioner who he could see in person.  The results were quite amazing.  He feels 100% better and has a new outlook on life.
If it weren't for Susanne's success with our dog, my husband would not be in the very positive place he is today.
                                                                         ~G.B. - Massachusetts






Pele's Story:  A Horse with Chronic Diarrhea


I was asked to come out to a farm and work on a horse, Pele, who had a nervous stomach and diarrhea. This occured whenever a change, no matter how small, took place in her life.  Like so many other horses, she has had many homes.  Unfortunately, some of those have been abusive.  One consistant and daily problem was after she ate her hay and in anticipation of her grains, she would get diarrhea.  I tapped on her and her issues for about 30 minutes.  While tapping, she had closed her eyes while eating, and was in a much more relaxed state.  When I checked back with Pele’s owner a week later, she happily reported that Pele had gone 4 days without diarrhea, the first time she’s done that in over a year.  I tapped on her again the next week, and her diarrhea was gone for 6 days, so she’s strengthening.  I am continuing to work with her and the results seem to be holding for longer periods of time.  Interestingly, while I was working on Pele, another horse in the pasture, Hap, came and stood right behind me.  He was just standing there with us, uncharacteristically not eating while I was tapping.  I asked if he had some kind of issues himself, and the owner said yes, he also had chronic diarrhea.  I didn’t do any tapping specifically for Hap, but when I checked in a week after the 1st session, Hap had gone 2 days without his daily diarrhea, and that was without tapping on him.



Amy's Story:  An Abused Dog


Amy is a standard, black poodle that was adopted a week earlier by a friend.  Amy had been owned by a breeder in another state who kept her locked in a crate her entire life.  She was thin, skittish, nervous and wary of people.


Since moving here, Amy was hardly drinking any water, which is unhealthy in Colorado's higher altitude.  She was also doing all of her “business” in the house, as she wasn’t used to relieving herself outdoors.  I worked on her for about 30 minutes, then we took her outside for a walk.  About 15 minutes into the walk, during which I had continued tapping for her, she walked over to a lawn where she proceeded to relieve herself of all of her business.  We praised her and went back inside.  A water bowl was brought to us and right after putting it on the floor, she started drinking as fast as she could.  The reports after this session were that she continued to improve and was settling in to her new home very well.









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