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 EFT's Main Website with Free EFT Manual and many free resources:

EFT's Main Website

This is EFT's main site which offers hundreds of stories and testimonies, suggestions and columns of advice.  If looking for examples of how EFT has worked, go to the "search" page and type in the issue (anxiety, animals, headaches, etc.) that you are interested in. 


Article on how EFT helped a man with advanced Dementia:

Emofree Article written by Susanne Peach on Dementia

Do you wonder if EFT could help those with advanced illnesses?  What if they can't tap for themselves?  Read this article to see how a man was helped through tapping even though he couldn't tap on himself.


Online Interview of Susanne and EFT for Animals

Interview on Tapping for Animals at EFT Q and A

Would you like some inside tips on how to tap for animals?  Would you like to know how EFT can help animals and with what problems?  This is a great interview by Gene Monterastelli that explains how you gives suggestions and examples of how successful EFT is on animals.


Online Magazine for Pets - with article by Susanne

Mission Pets Online

Join this fantastic and new online magazine devoted to helping animals.    Read the article by Susanne in the September 2009 issue as well as the many other wonderful articles.


Carol Solomon's  Weight Loss Site:

Carol Solomon has written several books on using EFT for Weight Loss.  She is also on a radio program that's free and worth listening to, as she's articulate, exciting, and produces results.

To order Carol Solomon's highly recommended Weight Loss books or CDs, go to:

Lose Weight with Carol Solomon



Animal Assisted Activities/Therapy:

Delta Society

This is the local group to which Susanne and her golden retriever, Major, belong.  You can get more information on Animal Assisted Therapy on this website, including how you and your pet can become registered "Pet Partners," a Delta Society therapy animal team.



Two Wonderful Charities that need your help:


Wildlife Sanctuary

America's premier sanctuary for large carnivores, the Wildlife Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado is home to more than 120 animals.  These have all been rescued, most from horrific and abusing situations.  This is the home to many  siberian tigers, lions, leopards, mountain lions, grizzly, black and brown bears, wolves, and emus.  This is also the last stop for these beautiful creatures and without our help, they may not have a home in the future.

It costs 1.2 million dollars a year to run this sanctuary, so they need all of the help they can get.  If you can possibly donate to them, please do.  If you are in the area, go visit them.  You'll be awed and amazed.  The best time to go is in the summer at dusk, when the lions are roaring in symphony, the bears are chasing each other (if you've never seen a grizzly bear run, this is a treat), and the wolves are howling.  

I was out there once when a bald eagle circled us as we stood on the observation deck.  Truly an inspirational visit.

And make sure you look for the plague dedicated to "Major", inspiration for Animaleze.  It's on the walkway above the South American Lions. 

For more info, go to:

Wildlife Sanctuary

And if you make a donation, please tell them you heard about them from Animaleze.



Wolf Sanctuary

This is a wonderful sanctuary outside of Ft. Collins, Colorado that is dedicated to rescuing and saving wolves.  Unfortunately, some people think wolves make good pets, but then don't know what to do with them once they grow up, when they are sent to this sanctuary.  It's also a haven for injured wolves that cannot be introduced back into the wild.

For more info, go to:

Wolf Sanctuary










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