EFT helps man with advanced Dementia



I was hired by a wonderful woman to work with her elderly father who was in the advanced stages of dementia.  The management at his assisted living facility was threatening to put him on heavily sedating drugs or move him to a different facility with fewer privileges and freedom.  This man had been combative with the employees whenever he was “assisted” with his clothes, when going to the bathroom.  He kept swinging at the employees, sometimes making contact.  His daughter was told by the management that he had one week to improve or else.   Obviously his daughter was very upset, but having been a student of energy work, she wanted to try EFT.

After asking what his life was like, his mannerisms, and many other questions, it was clear that he came from a generation that was much more modest than our current generations.  He had also been a very successful businessman and had overcome some extremely difficult personal situations.

My own grandmother was stricken with Alzheimer’s, so I experienced first hand the frustration she experienced, after being very independent her entire life, not being in control like she was used to, and having to rely on others to do things for her.

I started off trying to tap on him directly but it quickly became very clear that his agitation wouldn’t allow it.  I’ve had quite a bit of experience in surrogate tapping with animals, and not that I’m comparing anyone to animals, but my expertise in surrogate tapping has come in handy here.

It took two sessions (with great improvement after the first session) for him to do a 180degree turn in his attitude.  I was waiting for him before our second session when I ran into the manager of the facility.  I introduced myself and she said she was astounded at how much improvement he had made after the first session.  She said whatever I was going with him, keep doing it.

Think of all the people in Assisted Living facilities and nursing homes that could be helped with EFT.  Also, after having worked in one of these facilities years ago, I saw the (often) young staff lose patience with some of these seniors, making things worse.  Wouldn’t it be great to see how using  EFT on the staff could help the seniors? 

We should try EFT on all of our senior citizens, honoring them and treating with the respect they’ve earned.  Other societies treat their elders with much more respect.  Maybe using EFT with them can help us to achieve this goal.