Susanne's passion for animals started when she was a young child and spent summers on her godmother's farm.  Growing up she had the usual pet dogs, cat, and even an african gray parrot who spoke german before learning english.  A few year's ago, she was a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, working with raptors, snakes and other wildlife.

 It's the love for animals that led Susanne to try EFT on them a few years ago.  It started after she and her golden retriever, Major, were in a car accident.  While Major wasn't hurt physically, the psychological damage to him prevented him from getting back into the car for months after the accident.


 She decided to try EFT on Major and after repeated sessions was pleased that he finally got back into the car.  This was important for many reasons, but mainly because he's a registered therapy dog with the Delta Society.  They had been visiting an assisted living facility along with a local hospital, but those visits had to stop after the accident.  Susanne is pleased and proud that EFT was able to overcome these fears so they could continue their volunteering. 






Amy's Story; an abused dog


Amy is a standard, black poodle that was adopted a week earlier by a friend of Susanne's.  Amy had been owned by a breeder in another state who kept her locked in a crate her entire life.  She was thin, skittish, nervous and wary of people.


Since moving here, Amy was hardly drinking any water, which is unhealthy in Colorado's higher altitude.  She was also doing all of her “business” in the house, as she wasn’t used to relieving herself outdoors.  Susanne worked on Amy for about 30 minutes, then took her outside for a walk.  About 15 minutes into the walk, during which Susanne continued tapping for her, Amy walked over to a lawn where she proceeded to relieve herself of all of her business.  Amy was praised and they all went back inside.  A water bowl was brought to in and right after putting it on the floor, Amy started drinking as fast as she could.  The reports after this session were that she continued to improve and was settling in to her new home very well.



 Pele's Story; a horse with chronic diarrhea



   Susanne had been asked to come out to a farm and work on a horse, Pele, who had a nervous stomach and diarrhea. This occured whenever a change, no matter how small, took place in Pele's life.  Like so many other horses, she has had many homes.  Unfortunately, some of those have been abusive.


   One consistant and daily problem was after Pele ate her hay and in anticipation of her grains, she would get diarrhea.  Susanne tapped for her and her issues for about 30 minutes.  While tapping, Pele had closed her eyes while eating, and was in a much more relaxed state. 


   When Susanne went back a week later, Pele's guardian happily reported that Pele had gone 4 days without diarrhea, the first time she’s done that in over a year.  Susanne tapped for her again the next week, and her diarrhea went away for 6 days this time, so she’s strengthening.  Susanne is continuing to work with Pele and the results seem to be holding for longer periods of time. (A few years ago, Pele had 18 bouts of diarrhea a day.  It's now down to about 1 a day, if that.)


   Interestingly, while Susanne was working on Pele, another horse in the pasture, Hap, came and stood right behind Susanne, looking over her shoulder.  Hap was just standing there, uncharacteristically not eating while Susanne was tapping.  She asked the owner if he had some kind of issues himself and was told that he also had chronic diarrhea.  Susanne didn't do any tapping specifically for Hap, but when she went back the 2nd week, she found out that Hap had gone 2 days without his daily diarrhea, and that was without tapping on him.  (This is what's known as "borrowing benefits" in EFT.  A valuable and effective tool.)


    It's been exciting to see how effective EFT is on animals.  Their energy systems are more compact and less complicated than humans.  This makes it easier to work with them, even though they can't verbally communicate what's wrong.   Susanne has worked with horses, cows, birds, cats and lots of dogs. 

Sessions for animals can be scheduled to meet in person or over the phone. 



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