About Susanne Peach, EFTCERT-II



Susanne has actively studied various energy healing modalities since 1990, yet there are still times (by her own admission) that even she is amazed at the results!


After being involved in two severe accidents within 15 months, she realized that “normal” treatments weren’t working.  It wasn't until she consciously and seriously incorporated EFT into her daily life that she realized relief from her chronic pain.


Susanne has received extensive training in Advanced EFT directly from its founder, Gary Craig.  Not only has she received her Foundational and Intermediate Level Certificates from the EFT organization, she has her advanced certificate through Dr. Pat Carrington and is also an EFT instructor.


She has witnessed remarkable results using EFT with people as well as animals, which are her first love. 



"I've finally found a technique that allows me to assist people with their healing process that is affordable and versatile.  The great surprise has been how well this technique works on animals, as listed on my EFT for Animals page."                   ~Susanne



Susanne is available to teach EFT Level 1 & 2 workshops, as well as introductory seminars.  These seminars can be tailored to fit the needs of your company and/or group.  Some of these have been "Reducing Test-Taking Anxiety" for students and "Mastering Mental Battles" for athletes.  Please see "Workshops and Events" or contact her personally to arrange private classes.






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