Sports Performance



    As every serious athlete knows, the difference between “good” and “great” is usually determined by extremely minute factors.  The Gold Medalist is remembered because her skating time was three one thousandths of a second faster than the Silver Medalist.  Usually the difference is a fraction of ONE PER CENT!  As a result, athletes are always looking for that final key to unlock that last part of his/her hidden potential.

     EFT is a tool every athlete (professional and amateur) should know about.  The difference between showing up with your “A+ game” and your “A- game” is most often locked within he mind.  Effective use of EFT will help you overcome the obstacles to Peak Performance by addressing the doubts and/or uncontrollable emotions (anger, frustration, fear, etc.) that stand in the way.  EFT can take the charge out of these emotions, helping you to focus on the sport, not the mental blocks.

    Everyone knows the story of US Gymnastics Olympian Mary Lou Retton.  Trailing her opponent for the Overall Gold going into the final two events, she managed to get perfect 10’s on her final two events to win the title by only 0.050.  She was asked later what she was thinking about as she was preparing for those events.  Her response was very telling.  She wasn’t thinking about doubts or fears or concerns--she said that all she was thinking was “Just watch THIS!”   EFT is the tool that can help you show up in your sport with that “Just watch THIS!” attitude that will allow you to perform at your highest potential.   EFT has been used by many Professional Athletes for this very reason.



   EFT is also effective for addressing sports injuries.  There have been documented cases of injuires occurring during  sports activities that were significantly reduced through the use of EFT.


        If you'd like to experience EFT, whether your sport is golfing, baseball, football, soccer, running,biking or just working out, contact Susanne for a session.



"EFT has helped me regain control of negative issues that have held me back and kept me from performing at my best.  They no longer control me.  Instead, I'll be able to say "goodbye" to them."

                                                                                               ~Kristen Fryburg, Elite Marathon Runner


 "I am an avid skier and used to be on Ski Patrol.  I hurt my hamstring muscle and was worried I'd miss my weekly Saturday ski trip.  I went to a physical therapist, chiropractor and massage therapist, all to no avail.  I didn't believe in EFT but was desperate.  Susanne used EFT on me and the next morning I woke up with no pain in my hamstring whatsoever.  Not only did I ski that Saturday but I felt so good I went skiing on Friday as well.  I'm a believer now."

                                                                                                 ~  John in Longmont, Colorado 



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